Hello, all!

Been a while, I know. I have a post up on enathansisk.com that explains much of that, but I wanted to go ahead and address some of it here.

Basically, I’ve been busy. Really busy. I have more responsibility in my day job than I’ve ever had, and much to my surprise, I actually really, really enjoy it.

With so much of my time (and energy) devoted to that, I have much less time than I did before. The priority for what little time I have left is dedicated to family, writing, and procrastinating via video games and movies. That third one happens a lot more than I’d like, but I’m serious about the other two.

Which means I haven’t been blogging. Haven’t even really been writing.

That doesn’t mean the world of publishing has slowed down, anything but. The Amazon and Hachette debate is still roaring, and still pretty damn obvious to me (based on the best anecdotal and industry analysis) who’s more in the right here. The best was the email they sent out, basically sicking all their authors or those with KDP accounts on the publisher’s CEO. It’s not really something I believe is appropriate, we don’t work for Amazon any more than the publishers, yet I agree with every single one of their points as an author and especially as a reader. Considering Hachette has been going to the media with reports of what Amazon has been “pulling” in the negotiations, I can’t really blame the retailer for firing a shot across the bow.

The second big news was the announcement of Kindle Unlimited. As a reader, I was never interested in a Netflix for books. Of course, I never felt the need for Netlix or DVR either until I got them and now wouldn’t part with either for the world. I signed up for the 30-day free trial and have enjoyed it quite a bit. It’s given me a greater flexibility to explore my fellow fantasy authors who’ve self pubbed their work.

Dead of Night in particular was awesome.

As an author, Kindle Unlimited is both a fantastic opportunity and one of the ways Amazon is glaringly unfair to Indies.

What? Didn’t expect that?

Well, take a look at a few of the authors who are on there. Hugh Howey, who is awesome, don’t get me wrong, was a big proponent of the service. Here’s the thing, his books are on there but he doesn’t have to be in Select to make that happen. Which means his books get to be in this possibly lucrative offering while also being on Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Apple, and all the rest. In all fairness, he’s pointed out the unfairness of Select before.

I struggled with this for a while. I didn’t want to pull my stuff out of the other markets. At the same time, I have made all of two sales on all of them. One on B&N and one on Apple. Woohoo! The long game, which is always the best way to think, is to have my book(s) on all platforms.

But, and as with all the best ones, it’s a big but, sometimes you have to think about what short terms steps you need to make to get to the long game. One of the things I need is visibility. I need sales. I need ranking. I need money to invest in covers, editing, advertising.

Right now that just doesn’t seem to mesh with the other markets.

So i have pulled Sorcerer Rising and Broker of the Damned out of the other platforms and re-enrolled in Select. I am going to see how it works for its 90 day period, see how effective KU is, maybe advertise a little bit, then see how I want to do things when FayTown Calling comes out.

Which brings me to the last big thing.


Amazon finally has pre-orders!

In my post on enathansisk.com, I announced that I was shooting for a Nov. 17th date. That will probably be moved back to give me some grace, but once I do, I will have an option for preorder up on Amazon. I’m thinking probably a Dec 1st date, but we’ll see. I have a lot of things to consider about how to take my short leaps until I’m ready to be on all platforms.

We will see.

Storyarcs has alays ben the place where I got to talk shop, to have frank business discussions about what it’s like in this industry and to be an author. Something else I have to consider is how I want to do these communications. Are my readers interested in hearing me talk shop? Should I be having those talks on the main website?

We’ll have to see about that too.


About enathansisk

My name is Nathan Sisk, and I am a writer and aspiring author.
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