Sharing the Wealth: 5/9/14

It was a slow week in publishing, but I’ve still got my favorite links below.

BookBaby has launched a service that allows authors to sell their books directly to consumers. This is the next possible step for authors, getting to that point where no retailer is required to reach their readers. I don’t know if this is it, but it’s a good test case.

Bowker has raised the price on their ISBNs. This has, admittedly, been something I’ve ignored. Passive Guy has his comments, and honestly they’re some of the harsher ones I’ve heard, so it’ll be interesting to see how much use authors get out of them.

Formatting can be a bit of a bitch. I’m pretty sure everyone does it differently, and for the most part it doesn’t matter for ebooks, but there was one problem that has always plagued me. Indents. Indies Unlimited has a great post on taking the nuclear option to your book when it just won’t work for you.

Joe Konrath has a list of things you can do to “tend your garden” of ebooks. It’s a good analogy and he goes through it well.

Amazon has moved into wholesale supply of goods. For those unfamiliar, commerce comes in two flavors Business to Business and Business to Consumer. B2C has been a big thing for the past few years because more and more people can reach their customer directly. But for every business reaching out to consumers there are a hundred business who have to keep their operation running. They need paper and staples, parts and supplies. That’s what Amazon is moving into. This tends to be a less profitable form of business, but it provides many companies with the bedrock to pursue more profitable endeavors.

Ed Robertson has a taken a look at the top genre sellers broken them down by publishing method. Interesting numbers.

Author Solutions still sucks.

Everyone have a great weekend!

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My name is Nathan Sisk, and I am a writer and aspiring author.
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  1. Orna Ross says:

    Thanks for spreading the word, Nathan!

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