Sharing the Wealth: 5/3/2014

Late, I know. Between work and my son’t birthday, this just fell off the radar. Still, an interesting week for publishing.

Anne R Allen discusses keywords. It’s a good article that details the importance of choosing your keywords, an often ignored (yet important) aspect of publishing. This also reminds me that the self publishing round table had a great episode on methodologies when choosing your keywords.

Indiue Unlimited discusses the ins and outs of publishing to Google Play. I just got done with uploading and this article helped me out with some details I hadn’t quite figure out yet. Great read.

Nick Stephenson has done some experimentation of price points. His insights on 3.99 surprised me the most, but it’s a good at a topic that flummoxes a lot of authors.

Brenna Aubrey discusses her recent milestone of earning out what her advance would have been if she’d published traditionally. For those that don’t know, Ms. Aubrey turned down a three book advance of $120,000 to publish her own work.

I don’t usually do politics…but apparently there has been some controversy around Larry Correia being a finalist in the Hugo Awards. Apparently, it’s gotten big enough to make it to the Washington Post and USA Today. The controversy comes from the fact that Correia is very political and very right wing (and to be fair, this is one of the most right wing authors you’ll find out there). John C. Wright has resigned over the issue here, citing the fact that the SFWA has become more a political group than a group for a genre. Personally, no matter what my politics are, I’d agree. There are certain very prominent members whose blogs I gave up on because they didn’t discuss their books or the genre, but politics, gender debates, and other social issues. Great, but that’s not why I go there. Those people become offended, not only when people go full blown Orson Scott Card ( as they should, he’s earned everything he’s gotten) but also when your agreement has caveats or context they see as disagreement.

The truth is, we live a very complicated world. Let me tell you this right now, whatever you think, there are probably exceptions. I’ve grown a lot seeing these exceptions. Just about every full blown liberal or full blown conservative needs to learn this. What I know is, not attacking people for their political and religious beliefs, as with most everything else in the world, goes both ways.

Passive Guy discusses Mike Shatzikin’s insights onto when and when not to self publish.

An update on the class action filed against Author Solutions.

BookBub has raised 3.8 million in series A funding. What sucks about this is that it means the cost will go up. Go figure. I also can’t help but notice the range for all their genre categories has dropped a bit.

Passive Guy has an article about Kobo and the challenge they’re facing in Canada with pricing.

Everyone have a great rest of the weekend!


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