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Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award 2014

It’s about two in the morning, Sunday, and I just entered. For anyone else who’s entering this year, good luck! Advertisements

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Sharing the Wealth: 02/15/2014

Because they’re not just fixing prices in the U.S., Canada has struck a deal that would, gasp!, allow retailers to control the prices of books. You know, their own goods! Anne R. Allen discusses why novellas are hot. Great article, … Continue reading

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The Rocking Self Publishing Podcast

In my pursuit of all things podcast for my daily commute, I recently discovered the Rocking Self Publishing Podcast. Don’t confuse this with the self publishing podcast, which is still awesome, this is a different animal all together. Simon Whistler is … Continue reading

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Author Earnings Report

This is going to be a big deal. This is a communal site designed by Hugh Howey and other self published authors to distribute earnings data on authors. Keep in mind (and they stress this too) that this is very … Continue reading

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Viability and Fairness

I wanted to write this a few days ago, mainly in response to Jim C. Hines’ post about publishing. The big point he makes, and it’s good one, is about the VS mentality of the publishing industry. He is incredibly correct that … Continue reading

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Kobo and Nook

So, I am officially all out on Kobo and Nook. I’ve already discussed this a bit, but the process went really well. My already formatted document for KDP uploaded with no issues, the only difference being that Kobo and Nook … Continue reading

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Black Gate Review of Sorcerer Rising

Donald Crankshaw over at Black Gate has reviewed Sorcerer Rising. This is my first editorial review, gotta say I’m pretty happy.   

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