Author Earnings Report

This is going to be a big deal.

This is a communal site designed by Hugh Howey and other self published authors to distribute earnings data on authors. Keep in mind (and they stress this too) that this is very limited reporting.

Some people might think it’s tacky to discuss earnings like this and focus on the money one can make as an author. Part of the big push for self publishing is that it has finally enabled many authors to make a living from their work. Another push has been to better dissemenate information among authors. There are many who would argue that one thing Big Publishing has done is kept its authors in the dark, unaware that their dissatisfaction with things like pay, control, etc., by making such communication taboo.

I come from the South. This type of talk is generally frowned upon, seen as bragging. The point isn’t to look at how much Mr. Howey or Mr. Konrath is making, the point is to look at what the average author is making and what is the most viable path for your work.


Because so many people have analyzed, countered, and argued:

Great comment from one of Passive Guy’s readers.

DBW counters, as well as Mike Shatzkin. Also, Chuck Wending has some concerns. Passive Guy and others have all responded but I didn’t want to link to every single one of his posts and clutter his comments. All the above people make some valid points and some not so valid points. Good information either way.


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