FayTown Calling

I publishing this on enathansisk.com, but wanted to post it here as well.


A reader emailed me over the weekend asking about the next novel (If you heard a high pitched sound, it was me squealing like a schoolgirl). I’ve been looking for an excuse to do this, so I am going to go ahead an announce Virgil’s next story.

Book 2 will be title FayTown Calling. This is the blurb:

In Sorcerer Rising, Virgil McDane chased the Arcus, found its end, even lived to tell the tale. Now he has returned home to build his life anew, a Sorcerer in skill as well as name.

But his world is a dangerous one and it has not let him go yet. He has ventured across the world, seen arcane civilizations and supernatural entities, but Mare City itself will prove an even greater challenge. In a world filled with monsters and magic, his home is no exception, and by far its most mysterious aspect is FayTown. A neighborhood filled with Fay and other magical creatures. Forgotten by their homeland, its very streets and buildings transformed by their own natural magic, it is both an amazing and dangerous facet of the city.

When someone close to Virgil McDane is murdered, he is drawn into this strange place. Now, with new allies, and hunted by Witch and Wizard alike, he must find this murderer and uncover the mystery behind the crime.

I am really excited about this. FayTown has been one of my favorite places to make. Imagine a Chinatown or Little Italy, only inhabited with people from across myth and legend. The Fay are the predominant people, but creatures and peoples of all non-human species make their home there. Goblins, ogres, and trolls also live there. Lycanthropes gravitate to a place that won’t persecute them for their disease, fallen gods and demons come to rest here. It is an eclectic environment, and has given me the best playground to fill with all kinds of spectacular things.

FayTown Calling will have much more of an urban fantasy feel to it since it never leaves the city (though, if you think that confines them to just that local…well, think again). It continues Sorcerer Rising’s tradition of action, adventure, and a plethora of arcane, magical, and mystical creatures and monsters.

Even more than that, you will get to see a deeper look at the Guild and the Coven (I’ll talk about the Coven at some other time, they’re one of my favorite things about Virgil’s world but I don’t want to spoil that). You’ll continue to see the aspects of Virgil’s world, his magic, and a good bit of the characters I introduced in Sorcerer Rising.

I’ve always envisioned Virgil’s story as a series, so this is just the next step, one more chapter in the story, so be ready. I have two more outlined and ideas for five or six beyond that.

And am always thinking of more.

FayTown Calling will come out mid-May of this year. I have a lot of work still to do, but I’m shooting to be done, at latest, the end of March (more like the end of February though). I have commissioned a cover (which hasn’t begun yet) and I’ll reveal that when it is ready. All I need to really control this process are beta readers, which brings me to my next point…

Who wants to help out?

Two of the three people who did the beta reading for Sorcerer Rising have had major life things come up that is going to limit their ability to get back to me. Plus, I’d really like to have people who aren’t related or married to me to vet my work.

I will post about that with more details later, but if anyone would be interested in reading a rough copy of FayTown Calling (once I’ve got everything where I want it), feel free to reach out to me. I’ve never done anything like this, but it’ll probably be a PDF or mobi file that will be up to you to side load into your reader. I’m looking for two or three, but I’d be willing to go up to ten. I’ll probably include a few questions but it wouldn’t be too in depth (unless you want to provide in depth analysis). And, of course, I am looking for an honest evaluation of the story, good or bad.

To everyone who has read, left reviews, emailed me, bought the book, glanced at it, clicked it on Amazon, thought about it, or given me any form of attention or interest, thank you.

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My name is Nathan Sisk, and I am a writer and aspiring author.
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2 Responses to FayTown Calling

  1. derek says:

    I would like to be considered. Send any questions or whatnot and I will answer. One question I have is are we going to see and learn about Priscilla?

    • ensisk says:

      Will put you on the list.

      Priscilla is in it a bit, and honestly you gave me an idea of how to include her a bit more, but she’s not the focus. I do have plans for her, but they’re later and I haven’t worked out all I want to do with her.

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