Sharing the Wealth: 01/31/2014

I’ve posted this before, but it’s really worth reading again. Dean Wesley Smith has a great perspective on writing, which summed up basically comes to “chill the fuck out” and “work your ass off”. Whenever I wonder if I’m going about things to loosely, like I’m not following the “rules” I feel I should, reading Mr. Smith’s blog brings me down.

Last week I said Joe Konrath was being a bit aggressive in his communication to the publishing industry. That’s not really a criticism, advocates need to be aggressive and I do not doubt one damn bit that he is self-publishing’s biggest advocate. And articles like this really make me glad he has teeth. There is no need for gatekeepers in anything. Quality rises to the top. Sometimes it may be harder to find because there are so many options, but the benefit is that you find things you wouldn’t have otherwise.

Chuck Wendig, always flavorful in his opinions, discusses a change needed in self-publishing. He both defends the accomplishments of self-published “author-publishers” and challenges all of us to hold ourselves and others to a higher degree of quality.

Scott Brillig is criticizing Random Penguin (or whatever they’re called now) about using POD for their paper books. Here’s my take on this, publishers will continually find themselves as service providers. They offer editing, design, marketing, production, they advise and consult and help make a higher grade production. I’d like to think I’ve done well, but dammit I sure could have done better too. That’s what publishers will offer. They will, eventually, play second fiddle to the author. The ones who offer the best services will survive. The one who stretch their editors thin, skimp on printing and marketing, and slap ugly covers on books will fail.

Lindsay Buroker not only discusses her own pricing strategies, but sums up a lot of the trends and reasoning behind those trends in our industry. One of the best things Ms. Buroker has always been great at has been her pricing.

HarperCollins man, what are you thinking?

Michael Bunker has an excellent, balanced piece on how writers of all kinds might have a tendency to want what they shouldn’t.

Hugh Howey hugs Amazon. Not a typo, he writes a piece applauding Amazon’s reinvestment into their technology and business infrastructure (which is why they win), as well as taking a look at the industry at large. He’s right, Amazon didn’t kill bookstores or bring about the publisher apocalypse, the internet did. What you have here is an old system that worked really well when it was the cutting edge of current constraints, but once those constraints become less restrictive, aren’t thought of as well.

A double whammy because Passive Guy covered this and I moved on over…until I saw it on Writer Beware. WinePress Publishing has closed it’s doors, an excellent things since they seem like the worst kind of abuser of authors and Christians alike. This is a perfect example of a company that takes advantage of people’s faith and manipulates them into financial danger. 

A scathing analysis of Kirkus from Rich Meyer at Indies Unlimited. I’ve never heard great things about Kirkus, usually that it’s a bit of a sock puppet for traditional publishing, but I’ve never heard it put this way. I thought New York did pay for their reviews, to find out that they don’t and then have the gaul to charge indies $425 a pop…I mean, wow. That puts them

That’s it for this week, folk! Have a great weekend!


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