Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award 2014

After a really long wait, Amazon has finally announced the ABNA for 2014. The prizes are here, and the rules here. I am also including the contract summary here, because anything that says you have to sign it “as is” just sets my teeth on edge. It looks pretty fair, I mean the advance is right there in the prizes section, and the royalties thereafter aren’t too bad either. There’s no non compete or exclusivity requirement that I can see, but I would be more interested in seeing the full contract.

With my paranoia put out for all to view, I am really excited. I wanted to participate in the ABNA last year but Sorcerer Rising wasn’t ready. Now it is. I don’t expect for it to get very high, but it’s fun none the less.


About enathansisk

My name is Nathan Sisk, and I am a writer and aspiring author.
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2 Responses to Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award 2014

  1. mldendy says:

    I entered ABNA for the first time this year. You’re right, it is fun. I made it to the quarter finals with “Donuts and Doorknobs” in the mystery category. I’ve almost decided to self publish and hope I can use parts of the PW review as a marketing tool when it comes in. That’s assuming there will be favorable bits I can quote. I love the discussion threads – and credit other posters examples on helping me fashion a pitch.
    Nice reading your blog.

    • enathansisk says:

      Congrats on making it so far, that’s excellent. I would definitely use the review, and the placing in the contest, as a marketing tool. If you decide to publish, I have a ton of information here for getting ready to take that step. I also know several other blogs that know even more.

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