Kobo First Impressions

So far, they’re pretty damn good.

I’ve been wanting to upload to Kobo, as I’ve mentioned already, and in between things yesterday I figured I’d put up Heartless. I can’t do Sorcerer Rising because it’s still in Select, but the shorts are still fair game. Twenty minutes later, I was effectively done.

Yep. Pretty damn good.

Granted, I already had the file perfectly formatted to be uploaded to KDP, but that didn’t really matter when I did it with Smashwords. The only thing that was off with Kobo was the centering of the text for the title, copyright page, etc. What’s great about their service though, and this beats Amazon as well, is that they have an internal editor. You can upload a file and then move things around, add, delete, etc. right there in the page. It’s fantastic!

Their not up yet so I can’t see the dashboard, but I’ve heard that’s better as well. I think there are some real lessons to be learned, even with Almighty Amazon, about ease of use in uploading documents.

Lastly, their pricing is very attractive. 45% below .99, 70% for the higher range. I think it goes up to 12.99 as well. I don’t know how sales will be, but that could really offset the cost of making short stories a lot easier. It will be interesting to see how things move. Shorts don’t sell very well, I know that from Amazon, so I’m not expecting to see much until Sorcerer Rising is up there. Still, I’ve heard from just about everyone that Kobo caters to a different kind of reader and market, so it doesn’t really cannibalize Amazon sales. Even if it’s a small number of sales, like 10 a month, it would offset the financial benefits of Select and gain me new readers.

Tomorrow I’ll update on the dashboard and how it looks.

About enathansisk

My name is Nathan Sisk, and I am a writer and aspiring author.
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