Kindle Countdown Deals and KDP Select

The day after Christmas, I held a sale for Sorcerer Rising. It lasted seven days and is the first I’ve used KDP Select’s Countdown Deals program.

Overall, it went better than I expected but worse than I’d hoped. I procrastinated as usual so I didn’t have anything major backing this, four paid sites I’ve never used and Pixel of Ink. As with the last time, pretty sure Pixel of Ink didn’t run it because it was too late. I did an Addicted to Ebooks ad but it didn’t start until Friday when it was already over. Haven’t seen any form of spike from it as of yet. I ran on on the CheapBook as well, but I’m unsure if they ran it or not. It might have been too late, will have to verify that. Bargain ebook hunter and and a Kboards bargain ad were the ones I felt had the biggest push. Bargain ebook hunter had a spice on it’s day of about twenty books, and sales were good for the day or two after that, but Kboards pretty much had me selling 1-2 books an hour for the next 48 hours.

Over the same time period as the week prior (minus and hour), I earned 34% more royalties and sold a hundred more books. Granted, the week prior was not my strongest week, but it does show an increase and from a revenue standpoint, the Countdown Deals royalty plan made that a lot easier to swallow. With the advertising I put up, if it had been the usual 35% on .99 cents I would have, at best, broken even. As it stood, I covered the cost of my advertising and made a profit to boot.

Small stuff, I know, but for a bit things were like this.


I know that is just acceleration, that it’s not really benchmarked against other authors so it doesn’t mean that I can retire to Aruba or anything, still, pretty damn proud about that. Even better were the review I started receiving and what that did for the product page, aggregating people’s comments into a nice little presentation for people to see.

I think these efforts aren’t half bad for someone with one book and a couple short stories. Right now, people are just taking a risk in reading the book, not knowing if there is every going to be more added to the story. Until I have several books under my belt (specifically several about Virgil) few will be taking a whack at it. I know in my own personal buying behavior I will buy a book I’m on the fence about if there are more title behind it. The lure of a series, of something to binge on, is very strong.

I also do think it would have been a bit better had it been BookBlast or BookBub. I’ve heard tremendous things about BookBub (and as soon as they accept my submission I’ll let everyone know if that’s true…) and BookBlast went great. The decision I can’t help but come to is though is that, while this is a neat feature, it’s not worth the exclusivity of Select. When I tried putting the shorts up on Smashwords I was pretty intimidated by the process, but I’ve kinda heard that’s how it is with them and I just need to suck it up. So that’s what I’m going to do. When my Select deal runs up in February I will be posting up to Kobo and possibly Pubit and Smashwords. I’ll just have to sit down and make that work the same way I did KDP. As much as I don’t want to do it, that’s just laziness talking. Amazon is still the big fish, but I just don’t see the benefits of Select. And I tried. I experimented. I don’t think there’s anything here I wouldn’t be getting by just being on Amazon without Select. The borrows are nice but I don’t think they outweigh the exposure of being in other markets or the earning potential. Without experimenting, I simply won’t know.

Anyway, that’s been my analysis on Select, as well as my experience with some new ad places. If anyone has anything to add, I would love to hear it.



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My name is Nathan Sisk, and I am a writer and aspiring author.
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