Sharing the Wealth 12/13

This will be my last Sharing the Wealth of the year. It’s been a busy month (and I got behind) but a lot happened. There are a ton of great resources below and even with all I’m doing in the blog, this is something I want to keep out there. If it helps just one person, gives that scared aspiring author that little nugget of information to help things click, than it’s worth it.

GalleyCat has a report from Ricoh stating 70% of readers will never switch from print reading. Then, frankly, they will die and it will go the way of the newspaper. I know that sounds harsh, but it’s also true. The generations that grew up on print, myself included in that demographic, will give way to the generation who grew up reading pixels. The industries who do not switch will be in the same boat as newspapers.

Indies Unlimited has launched a program to find beta readers.

This is a couple weeks old (sorry) but important. TeleRead announces a suit filed against Amazon by indie booksellers was thrown out. It’s important because so many people confuse being really good at what you do with some type of malfeasance. Amazon has earned their spot, and as a consumer, it’s a good thing.

Bob Mayer at Write on the River (via Passive Guy) discusses how successful authors are an outlier.

From the Pope of self publishing (or is it Konrath, did we ever vote on that?) Joanna Penn, learning from Amazon. She does a great analysis on Bezos’ interview and his thoughts on publishing. His two best points: “Amazon isn’t happening to publishing, the future is happening to publishing” and “Amazon will be disrupted one day”. She then points out several ways indie authors can avoid being taken down when the Great Fell Beast Amazon dies. Never too soon to think about that.

Two posts by Passive Guy, both interview by Hugh Howey. Because never have you read someone more optimistic about publishing. First, contrary to what I posted by Mr. Mayer, is how there are authors you’ve never heard of making a comfortable living by writing. Secondly, it’s about how self publishing doesn’t have to be a career or an enterprise and many just do it for fun. That it gives them the opportunity to do something with the writing they’d be doing even if it never saw the light of day.

This. Is. Long. Joe Konrath and Barry Eisler rip into another heaping load of horse hockey from the Author’s Guild. But really, it’s long. Lee Goldberg also had his own response.

Big Dot Deal right here from the Passive Guy. This is the first article I’ve seen pretty directly calling out BookBub not only for their cost but also for their value. The gist is this, BookBub is still the best, but based on their own numbers, they should be delivering better than they actually do.

Dean Wesley Smith debunks the myth that you can’t make money from writing. I have nothing going for me but what I’m making isn’t insignificant either, it’s enough to pay a bill or two.

C. S. Lakin has a guest post on The Book Designer laying out her experiment with genre and platform.

Passive Guy posted this from the owner of a small publisher on the Huffington Post (which is part of the reason he’s great, he posts from both sides of the proverbial aisle). Lynne Cantwell on Indies Unlimited posted this to rebut the owner. Lee Goldberg also has his fantastic response.

Gotta love Digital Book World’s ten prediction for the next year. Last year they were hit or miss on about half their stuff, still it was fun to read and this year was no different.

Dean Wesley Smith recaps the year, from just about every angle in publishing. In particular, I like his things to look out for in each section.

K.S. Brooks discusses the hurtles of KDP Countdown and the issues one might run into. Good to know considering I am in the midst of one.


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