Going Forward

Whew, been awhile since I last posted.

Ugh, I hate that sentence. You know why? That’s the first thing you see when you pull up every abandoned, dilapidated blog. You know what I’m talking about, blogs that held a ton of potential or have a great archive but the newer posts come weeks or months apart, finally ending with that last horrible post, either promising to post more often, almost pleading with the audience, or giving that white flag farewell.

That is not what I am doing here.

I am a writer. I am a bunch of other things as well: a dad, a husband, an employee (not the most glamorous of distinctions, but I am an employee to an organization I have a great deal of loyalty and dedication to, so yeah, I include it) as well as a bunch of other things. All of these are facets of my life, and each has its own priority. I bring it up because that list of priorities has gotten muddled in the past couple of months, which has pushed being a writer to the back burner, and that’s why this blog has been slower. It’s also why I haven’t written much (alright, any).

Most people think of priorities in a linear fashion. That’s just how our mind works, but it also keeps things in perspective of level of importance. For me, first is my family, with my second being my day job. Even there though, they are closely mingled and things become blurred. Why? Well, my job takes care of my family. Sometimes I have to devote family time or energy to that because it’s in the best interest of my family. With a lot of people, that’s how they become a workaholic. Because their family is number one and they’re taking care of their family by working, so it’s alright that they’re spending less time with them because it’s better in the longrun…you see how that cycle goes.

The way I see my priorities is really the time of the day or week. My family doesn’t need a whole lot during the day and my job doesn’t require a whole lot during the night. With our most recent family crisis, as well as my job change, my life pretty much got shuffled together. My routine was off, and still is for the most part. The holidays never aid that.

In all of this though, writing dropped off the list. It didn’t only become less of a priority, it vanished. I dropped it like a falling airplane’s luggage in an Indiana Jones movie, just tossing stuff off the side to lose weight. And it wasn’t just my fiction writing, it was this place too, Story Arcs. I don’t know how much value this brings to others, but I know how much it brings to myself and that isn’t something I want to repeat.

I am doubling down on my fiction writing, while also taking a look at a few of the ways I do things. I’m extremely behind, still not having a first draft ready for anyone to read and haven’t even begun on the third book. So first, some goals:

  1. Second book published in the early part of the 2014.
  2. Third book published by the end of the year, preferably.
  3. Work on the series bible as a whole.
  4. Begin working on more shorts, novellas.

Those last couple are pretty broad, more directional than anything else, but something I want to achieve nevertheless. The more I have looked at story ideas for Mr. McDane’s career, the more I realize some of these stories may not be full novels. That brings me to a question I’ll be exploring in the years to come, would people take novellas as a regular entry in the overall canon?

That’s my fiction writing, but what about Story Arcs? Where’s the going? Honestly, that’s something I’ve been struggling with for the past few months, even before things got slow. Mainly this comes from the divide I find between what I want to provide. I know what I like to talk about, but not so much on what people like to hear from me.

So, I divided up what I want to offer. First on what I know I want to blog about, than on things I’d like to but am unsure if it has a fit here.

  1. Self-publishing
  2. The Books (Virgil’s stories and anything else I write)
  3. Writing
  4. Entertainment (Books)
  5. Entertainment (Gaming, Movies, TV)
  6. Fantasy
  7. Random comments, analyses, observations, rants, manifestos, complaints, opinions.

It’s a tough thing to know what people want, mainly because that is so subjective. There are probably many who come here just because there was a self publishing tag. Others may only come to read about TV shows or gaming or that one time I talked about Alchemy (seriously, that was popular). And honestly, I am more than happy to feed all those tastes (especially since these are things I can’t help but talk about) but I don’t want to chase anyone off either. At this point I think it’s still a bit presumptive to say people come to my site purposefully, but maybe some do and will in years to come. I don’t want people seeking advice on self publishing to be chased away by my obsession with Mass Effect, or for people who actually enjoyed my books to get tired of hearing about the publishing industry.

More than anything else, I want this blog to be about self publishing. My experiences, what I’ve learned, resources, etc. Looking back a year ago, hell, just a few months ago, I know how daunting it all looked. I know how daunting it all still looks. The publishing industry is continuing to change and evolve and self publishing’s role in that is as well. No one knows what works, no one ever has, but the least I can do is serve as a control and help spread information.

Story Arcs will continue to bring that.


About enathansisk

My name is Nathan Sisk, and I am a writer and aspiring author.
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