So Many Movies Coming Out!

A lot of trailers have been released over the past few weeks and I hadn’t covered nearly as many as I wanted to. It’s a mixed bag, honestly. I’m actually quite proud in some of this stuff as they’re at least original looking, but others are going to draw forth a rant in complacency.

The first is Godzilla. Even though this is a heavily established brand with one of the most recognizable characters in movie history, I still think it’s a bold move. The last Godzilla movie pretty much chased away any contanders for this so I fell they really had to want to make this for us to be seeing a trailer right now.

The good news is that this is a pretty epic trailer that does all the right things as far as teasing, but still gives us a glimpse of the King himself, which is good since it would have been largely pointless to hide his features when everyone is worried about what he’s going to look like. I actually liked the design from the Broderick movie, but it’s good to see the classic design, albeit with a few aesthetic changes.

Also, Bryan Cranston. Though he doesn’t have the best track record with movies.

Hm, okay, a brand new IP. Good for them…except that it looks like a boring mishmash of a bunch of other sci-fi movies. The exo suits harken back to Elysium or even Avatar/the Matrix while their uniforms look straight out of Starship Troopers…only not fun. It doesn’t look epic like in Avatar or the Matrix, doesn’t look gerryrigged like in Elysium, and certainly doesn’t look fun in any way.

The concept doesn’t sound half bad, even if it is a bit familiar to Source Code (which is just all kinds of unfortunate) but it feels like another Tom Cruise can still run movie ala Oblivion.

Though, Emily Blunt does look gorgeous and is a fantastic actress, so who knows?

I laughed way, way too much at this. Jason Bateman’s great, though I never did get into the whole Arrested Development kick, and this could go either way.

Did we really need to do this? I get that there was a lot more after the battle of Thermopylae, and I respect that they want to show that (because that’s is where things got real for that particular war) but 300 pretty much wrapped everything up where I needed it to be.

Side note, everyone gets so pissed about 300, wanting to point out all the innacuracies and stuff. First of all, that’s really not the point of this and lets be real, if you compared this to the real battle and then compare, say, Die Hard to what its like to really be a cop, which do you think would come off as a closer comparison? Realize what you’re watching, please. Also, in 490 BC roughly 10,000 soldiers took on a larger invading force. Generally, the estimates I’ve heard are between 100,000 to 300,000 but I’ve also heard people say as much as a million. The battle lasted two days and gave Sparta and the rest of Greece time to prepare, specifically time to coordinate the battle the above movie is portraying and the rest of the war, a war in which Greece spent the next ten years kicking the shit out of Persia.

Had this been lost, it very likely could have been the first domino that topple Greece and the world as we know it would be a very different place.

I’m actually really down for this. It looks like a lot of fun, that sort of Emporer of Mars pulp fun. Hopefully, that’s what it will be. It’s from the Wachowski brothers…siblings…as well so it should be good. Well, if we ignore the rest of the Matrix Trilogy.




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