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So, I took a break from writing. It was one of those breaks no writer really ever means to take. I’ve talked about it before. You don’t write one day, that becomes a few days which becomes a week, which turns into two, etc. You get the deal. I’m still working on that, but a good thing about that type of break is you get a lot of TV watching in.

A lot of TV watching.

I’ve been reviewing the Legend of Korra repeatedly and I’ve generally hated this season. It has been long, boring, talking, anime garbage. Then we met the first Avatar and it has pretty much been uphill from there. Last week’s episode continued a long string of great episodes, and in case you don’t know, the finale is up on Nick right now.

It ends well.

Walking Dead was Sunday, and I have to say I was disappointed. It was fine, really good even, but I can’t help but see farther down the road and I don’t like what’s coming up. Why is it that I have to sympathize with the Governor so badly? They did a fine job of making him a three dimensional character when he first appeared. Then he went batshit crazy (which was weird and a bad call on the writer’s parts) and disappeared. Now he’s back and sympathetic again. Either he’s coming back to the prison and will be part of the group or he’s going to be the villain for this season as well, and I’m not happy with either of those approaches.

This is a prime example of a character outliving his welcome. Don’t get me wrong, the Governor was great, but he was done. You don’t like how you ended things? Too damn bad, we didn’t either. That opportunity passed.

My projection is this: All the rest of the episodes for this half are about the Governor. He’ll either continue to be ridiculously sympathetic or start to slide toward bad again, probably because one or all of the new women in his life are killed. The half will end with Whatever coming back to the prison, whether that’s new allies in the form of the Governor and the survivors of whatever goes down there or a new army to take the prison. Then the season will drag out and we’ll have the assault Rick and Associates we always should have had and is entirely unwelcome now that it’s happening. Again, they missed their opportunity. I am not on board with that. I always wanted to see and figured it would be some massive zombie invasion.


Those are some old favorites but new to the list is Almost Human. Just watched the first episode and gotta say, loved it. The cast seems to be entirely made up of character actors, people who’ve always played second fiddle, and it really, really works. Karl Urban is doing a watered down Dredd (which is kinda like watered down moonshine, it knocks you down instead of out). Michael Ealy, who I know I’ve seen in a ton of stuff but can’t quite place, is doing great as the robot partner. Emphasis on partner. Not there for just comic relief or to bounce Urban’s anger off of, but a fully functional cast member. The wooden eye guy from Pirates of the Caribbean is the tech guy and Minka Kelly is the Hot Female Cop.

Not gonna lie, would watch it just for her. Luckily, the show seems pretty good all on its own.

The only fault here is in the way they think the future needs to look. I’m all for the robots, the cars, the holographic projectors, the skyline, that all works great. But there was this one scene where a toilet handle had a hologram and I just can’t help but wonder, who thought the handle needed a hologram? What purpose is that? Isn’t that kind of expensive to do for something so simple? That made me notice other things. There was a gun that shot…face masks, I guess? Because you need a gun for that…right. Wouldn’t a hood have been cheaper, easier, more portable, etc? This is a common sci fi problem, that everything needs to be futuristic or techy. It’s not a problem really, I’m just going to make fun of it.

Lastly, Shield. Ah, Shield. Look, it’s getting better. It’s not great, but I really think it will be. Next season you won’t even recognize it.

So, that’s what I’ve been watching. I’ll try and talk about writing or books tomorrow.

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My name is Nathan Sisk, and I am a writer and aspiring author.
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