Sharing the Wealth: 11/18/2013

Yeah, I know, I was supposed to do this Friday. I got wrapped up in other things then completely forgot. I have assembled it though and it’s good to go.

Sally J. Ling discusses what to look out for in a traditional publishing contract at Novel Rocket.

Some experiences trying to sell to the publishing industry, via Passive Guy and Arthur Atwell. Here’s the thing to remember, an industry exists because consumers allow it to. As long as there are readers, there will be people providing them content. It just may not be the people who have always done that. The music industry learned that the hard way. Publishers will deny that all the way to bankruptcy.

A. Lee Martinez discusses the “difference” between literature and books. As someone who also has the problem of wanting to be deep while still being able to write about monsters and magic, I truly understand his stance.

Ryan Casey does a breakdown of Kindle Select Deals. I actually signed back up for Select because of this program. My sale, which I was pretty happy with, would have been twice as successful (from a financial standpoint) under the deal and I really think it’s a great program.

Google won it’s battle on bookscanning. Hm, unsure how I feel about this but Google has pretty much stated that it’s just for search reasons and they won’t release a full copy of any book they’ve scanned. From a societal standpoint, this is the only hope we have of avoiding an Alexendria situation.

Rich Meyer on Indies Unlimited discusses the infamous CreateSpace Cover Template. I just got finished doing this. I would have posted something about it except I have no idea how I did half of it. Literally, I just clicked things and then things happened and I cursed and hit ctrl+z then clicked more things until I got what I wanted. I wish I had waited to read this first.

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