I’m Back

Sorry, I pretty much didn’t post anything last week. Things came up. I had a family situation and was interviewing for another position within my company all around the same time. Good news on both accounts, which resulted in a very hectic week.

With that said, this new position is going to cause some disruption in my life. It is going to take up more and more of my time. Couple that with my wife’s increasingly busy school schedule, and I’m going to have to do things a little differently. I haven’t written in the past couple of weeks and it’s been terrible, I don’t want to continue that way, for this blog or for my fiction.

The majority of my writing time needs to go toward the books. I have been editing on the second novel, but so much more is needed. Now, I’ll just be happy if I can hand it off at the end of November. And that’s all right. Deadlines are essential, but I have to take other things into account. I have other responsibilities with family and work and those have to come first. I wanted to write two books in a year, maybe even three, but that might not be able to happen with my circumstances. Not while making the books look the way I want them to.

The blog is also going to get the shaft a bit. I’ll still post regularly, just not as much. I’ve been shooting for two posts a day and whatever I see throughout the day when I have a moment, I post that too. That means writing my big posts the night before and scheduling them to appear the next day (which takes away from fiction writing). I just won’t have that much time, so I’m limiting my regular, big posts to once a day, maybe even two-three times a week. I think this will focus on better stuff too. It’s gotten a little old doing the full blown reviews for individual episodes (even though the Walking Dead and Korra were both awesome!).

So, this is my post for today. I have a part of the Sharing the Wealth post ready, and I’m going to put that up as well because I was so late and things still went on. It will probably be up toward the end of the day.

My last bit of news, Sorcerer Rising will be on sale tomorrow for .99. I wish so much that I hadn’t change the price right before the daily deals part of Select came out, that would have been great, but oh well. Spilled milk.




About enathansisk

My name is Nathan Sisk, and I am a writer and aspiring author.
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