The Walking Dead: Indifference

For those just coming for a Walking Dead review, I have a bit of a bonus today. This week’s Walking Dead was an example of great writing and is a great resource for writer’s in illustrating a certain point.

First things first, it was a great episode. The show really seems to be at its best when they’re foraging, and because of their evolution into zombie killers, they’ve gotten pretty good at it. That gives great opportunities to just chill out, pick some tomatoes, and examine their inner souls while the walking dead scramble about just a feet away. The show also did a two-pronged event so that you had the slow burn with Rick and Carol and the action packed sequences with Darryl and gang.

But what I really liked to see, the person who absolutely owned this episode, was Carol. I was wondering if she did the right thing the entire episode and I still don’t know. She points out that Rick killed Shane because he was about to kill him, and that’s all she was doing. Then I blew my own mind because I was like, “Well, that’s different because Shane was a sick animal-“Woah, the first thing I jumped to was that he was sick, incurable, and needed to be dealt with. Under that same evaluation, he had no choice in what he was doing yet I felt his time had come to an end. While there are obvious differences there, and I fully feel Rich was justified, Karen and Davie were still threats to the group, and in comparison to Shane, they were the greater of the two.

But the point I want to illustrate is that this is how you make drama, this is how your create conflict. With Lori and Andrea, you had this weak-willed, wishy-washy decision making that was all over the place and out of character. With Carol, her decision making may have been wrong, but it made sense. She was trying to do the right thing in a believable manor and it created a great moment.

I wanted them to come to terms with it, though I couldn’t really figure out a way for that to happen. I wanted her and Darryl to continue their relationship, I wanted to see her continue to take care of people. Honestly, her departure from the show was probably the most upsetting yet, with Dale’s a close second. Maybe she’ll be back, they left that option open with this narrative.

But I felt like Rick the whole time, continuing the check the rear view mirror, unsure what I wanted to see.


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