X-Men: Days of Future Past Trailer

I did not know this was out yet.

Part of my problem with the X-Men movies has been the focus on Wolverine. I love him as much as anyone else, but he was the centerpiece of every single one of the movies before finally succumbing to making his own movies (of which the first, at least, was a steaming pile of garbage). It looks like they’re repeating that again. I mean, why of all people would you send Wolverine’s mind back to guide a young Charles Xavier? I’d like to see some other people shine and really get to showcase their powers. I never really got that sense of awe some of the X-Men usually elicit.

That said, First Class was a good direction for the series and I really hope this takes all the things we’ve seen done well in the film franchise and really ups the game to do something special. The trailer, at the very least, does a great job.


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