I Finally Saw Pacific Rim

A few things to take away.

This is a two hour fight scene.

Rinko Kikuchi is cute.

Charlie Hunnam is a bad, bad, bad actor.

Idris Elba should be the next Bond.


This. Is. Fun.

It’s not the best movie and by no means do I think all movies need to follow the Pacific Rim’s, but it works in its own unique way. It does a great job of being simplistic without being stupid, imaginative without being convoluted. To say it’s dumb is really not fair and I wouldn’t apply that. This came to punch monsters and chew bubblegum and about fifteen minutes in, its all out of bubblegum.

A lot of people praised it in comparison to movies like Iron Man 3, Man of Steel, and other action packed movies that tried to be really “intellectual” and shot themselves in the foot. That’s a fair assessment of certain movies (Man of Steel, Dark Knight Rises) but Pacific Rim’s approach is not going to apply to everything.

But it sure as hell works here. This is what so many movies want to be and fail because they end up straddling the line between two polarities. Nolan’s Batman is too dark and gritty and loses a good bit of the fun that comes with the franchise. Transformers has no seriousness and jumps the rails in to total camp. Pacific Rim rides that line perfectly and because of that tone, because of how fun it is, you just gloss over some glaring dependencies that a lot of people would usually roast a movie alive for.

This is uncomfortable accurate. The neural bridge thing is dumb, but neat. The robots are a ridiculous solution to a bigger than life problem that is just an excuse to arrange a slugfest between awesome robots and some of the best monster designs I’ve ever seen. Really, when the Honest Trailer up there goes “whoa” when the monster opens its wings, I did the exact same thing in watching it!

I’ve been very awesomely giddy about this, but there is one thing I have to be serious about. Charlie Hunnam, apparently, can only be Jacks. Like really, he traded in his Reaper jacket and motorcycle for Mass Effect armor and a Jaeger (named Gipsy fucking Danger!). Really though, I always thought the way he walked, talked, held his pants, etc. was part of his character in Sons of Anarchy. I guess that’s just the way he is.

All that to say this was one of the most enjoayable experiences I’ve had with a movie in a while. If that Power Rangers dubbed vid up there gives you goosebumps, than you need to see this.


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