The Walking Dead: Isolation

Isoloation was much more of a slow burn episode than the last two, not getting to the real nitty-gritty action until two thirds of the way in with Darrel and group facing down the massive horde of zombies.

That said, it was a really, really good one. It had everything I want from the Walking Dead and none of the things I don’t. Tyreese and Rick’s showdown was one of my favorite moments, partly because it was real. It was obviously a bad direction for both of them to go, but you understood. Tyreese was grieving, that gentle giant losing some of his gentleness, and Rick…well, he went back to the tombs for a moment. It was fantastic.

I have to say, I didn’t not see Carol coming last week. It wasn’t until she and Tyreese talked that I figured it out and even then I was hoping I was wrong. Carol’s character has always been so moralistic, someone who could be relied on to do the right thing. The only dark elements we’ve ever seen there have to do with her husband (and let’s be honest, we all wanted him to die) and her daughter, which was grief. Here she took protecting their group to a brand new level, one I didn’t see coming. Not from her, not from any of the core characters. I figured that was one of the new cast.

Beyond all that, there were several great bonding moments. Maggie and Beth, Rick and Tyreese, Darrel and Michone, Hershel and just about everyone, we saw each of the characters we have grown to love deal with this incredibly frightening danger. I think Glenn and Hershel sum it up perfect. Glenn sees this as an unknowable boogieman. They can’t fight it, they can’t run, they can’t hide. Hershel sees this as the first challenge they’ve faced that has a solution they can work toward.

We’ll see whose right.

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