Agents of Shield: Girl in the Flower Dress

This week’s Agent of Shield was probably the first to really show it’s true potential. Everything has been moving along so nicely for the characters, so of course, it was about time to pull the rug out from under them.

We see in this episode that Skye has more on her mind that we thought. We knew she was holding something back, but everything comes out here, and more importantly, the team saw it. She is immediately arrested by the people who had trusted her and interrogated, dragging out detail after detail about her life. Of course, it all worked out in the end, with her coming to Couldon and May’s aid. And, of course, what she wanted all along wasn’t really that bad. I really liked that she didn’t get a complete pass though. Even though it was all pretty easily tied up in a bow, she now has some type of inhibitor to keep her from doing anything. Unsure what that thing will do, but she’s now on the shit list.

That was all fine and good, but it was Scorch who made the episode. I bought him as someone who could be a superhero or supervillain. He was charismatic, fun, and really wanted to make something of himself, a perfect cocktail for superdom. And man did he bring the fireworks at the end. It looked cheesy at first, but once the extremis started flowing he was a powerhouse. Kudos to the special effects team.

Interesting how the villain introduced in the first episode got incinerated this episode, but I much prefer the aforementioned Girl in the Flower Dress as a villain. Cold, calm, smart-ass, that’s what I want from a villain. She manipulated Scorch into obeying her, then sold the scientist out without batting an eye.

Looking forward to seeing where else this goes.

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