The Walking Dead: Infected

Before the season started I was worried about the Walking Dead’s consistency. They just can’t seem to help making the first half of the season of the second half of the season good, with the other being lackluster at best.

Well, if that repeats itself this is definitely the good half.

Last week set us up for all hell to break loose and this week was seeing the pieces come apart. The sickness didn’t only kill Harr…I mean, Patrick, but also seemed to kill a few others. As expected, it’s just a simple flu, but people tend to forget that the flu killed scores of people back before we learned how to deal with it and still does if you don’t have the optimum circumstances. They are back to a pre-industrial age world and that is a harsh fucking place to live in even without zombies.

Overall, the chaos was really pretty well contained. This did two things for me, both good. First, it showed their competence. They were smart in their reaction. There was no panic, no one doing anything stupid. They’ve done this before and they know how to handle it. Second, it underscores the whole disease angle. Being sick isn’t action packed, isn’t a bullet to the head, it’s a slow death. Their community will be a slow death while they try to catch up. Things look good now, but it’s about to hit the fan. They’ll be out of the prison by the half, I think.

Okay, I said no one did anything stupid, but that little girl did. The thing about that is you really understand her motivation there. She’s a little girl who has seen people die and she’s coping badly, naming and feeding zombies. This isn’t an adult who has we’ve seen be a perfectly rational person right before having their competence sacrificed to the alter of Drama. But it made sense and it wasn’t like she tried to give a zombie her arm.


Honestly, I think those two little girls are going to be the show’s counterpart to the brother who kills his twin. We’ve already set up the tension between Carl and them if he needs to…solve things and we have a motive for the younger sister to kill her sibling. She looked her square in the face and told her she was stupid, right before telling Carol she’s not weak…she’s messed up. It didn’t sound like she was defending her, it sounded like she was writing her off as defective. Carol putting a flower in her hair didn’t solve anything here.

I really feel for Rick in this. It took two, two and a half seasons, but he’s finally chafing against their circumstances. This is dangerous too because he’s in total denial. He disarmed himself and his son trying to embrace this farmer lifestyle. Remember, this is the guy who said in the second season that everyone had to have a gun at all times and then went about training them in their use. He’s been banging his sword into a plowshare and in this episode we saw him reforge it. It’s sad, but inevitable.

So, pretty typical episode…until someone set Tyreese girlfriend on fucking fire! Did not see that coming! I figured she had at least an episode left before the flu took her or she opted out. I did not expect someone to take matters into their own hands with a can of gasoline. I don’t even know who it’s going to be! Did she die first and this was just cleanup or did someone straight up murder her? That’s cold!

Oh, bad choice of words.



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