Agents of SHIELD: Eye Spy

Eye Spy worked a good bit better than the last two. I was wondering when we were going to swing back to the overall conspiracy (of people creating super heroes) and it seems like that’s what they were doing last night.

Coulson still makes the show for me, with his dry humor and completely calm attitude, but the others are starting to grow on me more.

Skye is a tricky one, they want her to be quirky and funny and pretty all at the same time (which actually works for me) but then they’re moving he into this Field Agent role, and I don’t really get that. What is the standard for that? Because I wouldn’t think it would be someone with no combat experience and a horrible record with authority. Still, I enjoy her presence on the show.

The Fitzsimmons duo was at their best for this episodes. It’s fun watching the two, who are a cross between siblings and an old married couple, bicker back and forth. I can’t help but think we’ll have to go one of two directions with that, either the siblings route or the romantic route.

My weak link character seems to be Ward (whose name I had to look up just now, that’s how little he registers with me). I think that will change though. Right now, he (and to a lesser extent May) seem to serve the role of the norm, what SHIELD is expected to be and do. Coulson represents what SHIELD is becoming in this new world. They’ll have to adapt and I imagine they (he) will become more interesting as the show continues and their rules get bent and broken.

The case of the week (which I admit, that format is not my favorite) was Akela Amador, a cyborg assassin/thief whom Coulson had trained back in the day. Now she’s back, causing a ruckus, and it was a lot of fun. It captured some of the things we expect to see in the Marvel world and grafted it into the Avenger’s world rather well.

It looks like next week they’re going to call Skye on being a spy, but I expect that to be a red herring. Looking forward to it though.



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