Avatar: The Legend of Korra – The Sting

I actually like this episode better than last week’s, which really bodes badly for this series as this only had Korra in it for all of thirty seconds.

And she has amnesia now?

Amnesia??? Really? Pulling out that trick? Are there really no more ideas left?

But anyway, this entire episode was Mako and Asami. I love Asami but Mako just comes off wooden and dull. I find it ludicrous that no one is even coming close to believing him, though with the way he is barreling through this investigation like a giant flaming moron, how can I blame them.

Very little action for this episode. Again, very basic bending, but I enjoyed the battle on the boats, even if Mako was next to useless during it.

Okay, now that I got the largely negative out of the way, I love that Verrick can’t be trusted. I love that this goofy, ridiculous, pansy is one of our villains. I would love to see him be a bigger threat that Unaloque (or however you spell it) and his entire character up to this point just be a facade. More than likely, he this is all business and he is way more ruthless and savvy than anyone really knew, but I want him to be the central villain.

We will see where this goes next week. Now with Korra having amnesia, I am afraid they are just going to waste more and more time until bringing her back and wrapping up the season, which is a huge disappointment to me.


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