Weekend Report on Writing

Oh, yeah. Forgot about this post for today, sorry.

Anyway, I got to the end. It’s choppy with the scenes largely unconnected, but I couldn’t think of anything more to do. For the next two weeks or so be in the process of going back and starting from the beginning.

I kind of go in a cycle like that. I will read the beginning part, refamiliarizing myself with the themes and story arcs I wanted to do, then develop them as I get into the end. Then I’ll go back and adjust the beginning to be in sync with what I just added to the end. Each time I go through, it becomes a more succinct story, the plot becoming tighter, with those elements that I add reinforcing other parts of the story. I don’t know if that’s efficient or correct, but it’s the way I do things.

I almost always make changes, usually because I come up with better ideas. Sometimes those ideas change things, big things. In Sorcerer Rising, Dorne and Tiffany weren’t characters until I settled down to finish the story. He also didn’t have Abigail, and honestly, I don’t know how he would have survived without those elements.

The last thing I do is emphasize character development and making sure everyone looks different to the reader. That’s honestly when I spend the most time on the dialogue, making sure everyone has a distinct voice and attitude. I always have a general idea for this, but this is the opportunity to make my readers see and hear the character I’ve developed in my head. Virgil is the easiest at that, mainly because you always are with him, but also because he’s the character I’m usually thinking of. That last moment is where I’m looking at scenes from other character’s points of view and making sure they say and do the things that would come most naturally to them.

Then I will be ready for beta readers. I’m really looking forward to getting their input on this.

Oh, and just to put it out there. I have one last thing I do. The more I’ve written, the more I’ve discovered I’m a bit…over the top. Those who’ve read Sorcerer Rising know there are some pretty big set piece moments. Scenes like the Leviathan, I went over again and again until they were exactly what I wanted. I’ll do that (hopefully to a lesser extent and quicker) with the next one.


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My name is Nathan Sisk, and I am a writer and aspiring author.
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