Wait…We’re Doing Two Hercules Movies?

So I saw this last night.

Now, this looks pretty boring. I like reimagings of old tales, except that a lot of these approaches sacrifice the actual story points but keep almost everything that makes it feel like that story. I’m not just talking about tone, I’m talking about aesthetics and all the other things they think you want. The result is that they strip out a lot of the interesting and keep what they think is essential, creating a hollow experience.

Anyway, the entire time I was watching the trailer I was confused. I keep seeing all these pictures of the Rock working out for his role to be Hercules. So I went over to IMDB because there’s no way we’re going to make two Hercules movies at the same time.



The one above is Hercules: The Legend Begins (already preparing for that franchise) and it looks like crap. They’ve gone full blown gritty, epic, Hero giving the speech to a whole bunch of solidiers and maybe that will work. I don’t know how, but maybe there’s something I’m missing. What I know is this, I don’t want to see Hercules fight a few soldiers. I want him to fight an army, the Hydra, the Lion of Nemea, etc. I want monsters! And this is not something to take that serious. This is not Gladiator.

I have a lot more hope for the Rock’s adaption. We’ll see.


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My name is Nathan Sisk, and I am a writer and aspiring author.
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