The Walking Dead: 30 Days Without an Accident

This is really what I want and expect from a Walking Dead episode. We got to see some nice character development as certain people have snapped back to a more manageable place (Rick, Carl) and other characters have developed (Darryl, Carol, Tyreese) as well as new characters. We got some great action and gore and yet still had the slow moments that really draw out the tension.

I was very, very satisfied with this week’s episode because it was so well rounded. I don’t need forty-five minutes of zombie slaying. I also don’t need forty-five minutes of everyone arguing or whining over their predicament. I just want good storytelling, whatever that may look like.

So, a breakdown.

The prison now makes more sense in the perspective of what they’ve done with it. It’s well fortified, roomy, and has plenty of space for farming. I liked seeing all the things they’ve done with it and the community that has built up. Rick is a little bit more sane and Darryl is thriving under his new role, though I tend to think that won’t last long.

This week was all about a balance between the big major set piece moments and the little things. You had the supermarket where it literally rained zombies (which was friggin’ awesome!) and the zombie killers manning the fences, but you also had the very simple moment of the guy picking up the wine bottle. That scene, him going back and forth in his head, sets up so much for this character. There were dozens of others. Tyreese coming back to his new girlfriend and telling her he doesn’t like it much outside either, Maggie and Glenn’s pregnancy scare, Rick listening to music while the zombies are just a few dozen feet away, all set the tone for the new norm of the season.

And let’s not forget Crazy Irish Lady. We all knew something was going to go down, and it was pretty standard fair when it did, but very well done and the buildup was great. You got that she was in a dark place, hell, she looked like a Walker just standing there if front of Rick. She was sweet and pitiful all the way up until she tried to stab rick, and then got even more sympathetic.

And then Harry Potter straight up died in the shower. I feel bad for the the kid, but I have a feeling absolotely no one is going to get to mourn him. Either the disease will be ravaging everyone by the morning or he’ll find someone in the night, either way it’s going to be a zombie buffet.


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