Sharing the Wealth: 10/11/2013

David Vinjamuri at Forbes discusses how self-publishing has been a boon to traditional publishing and the industry as a whole. I just love it when billion dollar companies act like they have their hat in hand right before they climb into their Mercedes. Really, they’re acting like they’re in trouble when it’s more an issue of them losing control.

Ed Robertson at Failure Ahoy! has a great analysis on pricing. Some of this I’d figured out on my own or thought my apply, others I hadn’t thought of.

Joe Konrath shares his sales. There is also a post by Tom Keller, which is good (and I’m very interested in his book), but it was that info that really wowed me.

Jason Matthews gives seven tips for how to make your keywords. This has been one thing that has continually frustrated me about publishing, how to choose your keywords. Something I do is keep a running document of all keyword combos I’ve used and what sales were like during that time period.

IndieReader discusses how indie authors are more steadily being able to support themselves with their writing alone. This is in stark contrast to most traditional publishing mid list writers who have writing as second job.

Digital Book World compares publishing to venture capitalists. In this analogy, self-published authors are start ups. They do a point by point comparison that really hammers home this point. I’ve always thought of it as the difference between being an employee for a company or starting your own business.

Kristine Katherine Rusch discusses Gatekeepers in the publishing industry, and their obsolete nature in this industry. And really, any industry. There shouldn’t be a group of companies whose sole value is to decide what everyone likes.

Passive Guy has an excerpt from a book about Amazon, detailing the story behind them buying Honestly, this doesn’t paint them in a flattering light. I admire the aggressiveness, but this is kinda predatory, and frankly, the type of thing everyone whines about when they talk about Amazon being a bully.

Everyone have a great weekend.


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My name is Nathan Sisk, and I am a writer and aspiring author.
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