Goals for the Weekend


How ever many words it takes, make sure I have a beginning to end completed work. It will need another run through, there is no doubt about that, but I want the majority of the blanks filled in, the ending written, something that could at least be read from beginning to end with a clear plot be seen.

I wrote a few hundred words last night, then started thinking on something. It’s funny how things work sometimes. I’ve had a plot point I established in January or February when I first started this book and it’s always sat uneasy with me. It was forced and unnatural. I knew this but hadn’t really acknowledged it until last night.

What happened?

Nothing really, the pieces just fell into place. I hit a point in the story and wondered, “hm, why did that happen like that?” That lead me back in a long chain of ideas all the way to that original event, which I resolved in seconds. It was so obvious! That’ll be one of the things I correct on my next run through.

That type of writing, the continual backtracking to rewrite things, is something a lot of authors, Dean Wesley Smith in particular, hates and advises against. Mr. Smith is my idol in a lot of ways and I have learned a lot about both writing and publishing from his blog, but that is one of those things that just works for me. I’ve had some of my best ideas when I went through the second time. A lot of times, I even skip the big set piece scenes so that I can go back and focus on them to make them exactly the way I want them.

That hasn’t always been to my benefit and I’d like to get it to a minimum, to develop the forethought and instincts to be able to develop these plot points from the get go. I spent nearly five years doing that with Sorcerer Rising (which is a bit shameful, I wish I had released that two years ago) but only a year for this one. I may never be able to write a novel in fifteen days, but I’d like to get it down to a few months.


About enathansisk

My name is Nathan Sisk, and I am a writer and aspiring author.
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