Status Report On Writing

I know, I know, I didn’t post anything yesterday. I try to do something, a trailer, some random ass fact or gif or something, but it’s been a busy couple of days.

Last night I wrote three thousand words, but more importantly, I wrote a scene I have been thinking about since I first started this book back last December. It is those moments that make me live for writing, when that thing that has been sitting in your head finally, FINALLY, gets to be on paper and it looks better than what you had originally imagined.

I’m moving at a good pace. Three thousand words yesterday, a thousand Monday, 6.5k over the weekend. I want to keep at it, but I think I am right on track for finishing things up this weekend. Still needs a lot of polish before I will let anyone look at it, but I’m optimistic.

I’m trying to break the habit of giving writing advice, but I just wanted to throw this out there. That three thousand words I wrote and loved, it’s going to be edited and I’m going to polish the hell out of a lot of what I added. I’m going to fine tune details, shape out those rough edges, etc. Part of my multiple run throughs is trying to see the forest for the trees and then make those trees blend in as well as possible. That’s when I add foreshadowing, the big details, start to emphasize all the themes, and honestly, add the more character driven moments.

So, point is, don’t fret about churning out garbage. Do what feels natural. You’ll keep the good stuff and edit/polish/rewrite the bad.

The important thing is to write.

About enathansisk

My name is Nathan Sisk, and I am a writer and aspiring author.
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2 Responses to Status Report On Writing

  1. Wow, 3,000 words is hardcore! Thanks for posting this, because it really made me feel like I need to sit my butt down in the chair and do some serious writing myself. I always seem to tank out around 800 words. I don’t think I’ll come anywhere near 3,000 but it’s still a great kick in the ass. Thank you!

    • ensisk says:

      That’s a rarity in all honesty, I usually do between 500-1000. You should read Dean Wesley Smith’s blog, he’s logging his words per day and is a machine. He wrote a novel in fifteen days! I haven’t gotten anywhere near that speed, but he writes from beginning to end in one sweep. The thing for me is just to be consistent, those little sessions each day add up quick. At 800 words a day that’s 204,800 in a year!

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