Agents of Shield: The Asset

Pretty much what I said last week as far as quality. It’s fine, they’re still building things up, and it’s flowing right along. Nothing great, nothing bad.

Two things I’d really like to note though.

First, I will reiterate that that is totally not Agent Coulson. Okay, it is, but not naturally. He’s a robot or a clone or a time snatched version of a past self or something. They are planting little hints about muscle memory and him not having it on certain tasks he used to be fluent in. That’s no accident, that is by design. Whatever happened, that is not his same body.

Second, I think we will have our first supervillian in Dr. Hall. The moment he fell into that ball of whatever, I felt like he would come back (probably with a superpower to boot), but when they zoomed in on the vault, I knew I was bout to get a glimpse of something.

That is where the future of Shield is going to shine. They are building up, and once they fine tune the details, I think this show will shine.

Other than that, I don’t have too much to say about the episode. Other than Coulson is a total badass, what with the hard calls and all.

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