Weekend Report

I made excellent progress this weekend. I generated about 6,500 words toward the novel (it feels so good to start one of these with a goal accomplished) and then started splicing some old stuff together.

I’ve said already that I go through multiple times to flesh things out and, well, this is one of the drawbacks of that. The ending doesn’t allow for many of the things I developed on this second run through. It’s all small stuff, comments and thoughts on what has occurred so far in the story, but that means I’m having to go through and delete and add.

My goal is to have this part ready by next weekend so I can spend the rest of the month going through again, making everything mesh together, but good progress so far.

I also wanted to give a quick sales report and some of the things I’ve learned. For September I sold 102 books, bringing me to a total (as of today) of 193. I’ve noticed an uptick in sales, going from about 3 a day to right at 4. I dropped the price to $3.49, so that may have something to do with it.

Something I am keeping a close eye on is whether or not Select has been advantageous. At this point, I’m thinking it hasn’t. I haven’t used the free giveaway yet and am not really sure how to go about that. I’ve heard concisely that free giveaways aren’t beneficial to sales, only gaining readers, and even then that is a gray area. People have no motivation to read a book they downloaded for free. I’ve also heard promotion is key to that. I’m steadily gaining reviews, but not enough for the big name players (BookBub, Boob Blast, etc.) as of yet.

And really, that’s the only advantage it offers. If I sold a ton internationally, it may be more attractive, but I don’t. That is the one thing that has dropped, and by dropped I mean I haven’t sold a book overseas in two weeks at least.

I think the smattering of sales I’d made through Smashwords and their distribution plan would be of more value, both financially and in terms of exposure, than what Select offers. I have a month to figure that out though.

About enathansisk

My name is Nathan Sisk, and I am a writer and aspiring author.
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