Avatar: The Legend of Korra-Peacekeepers


For the majority of this episode, I was ready to give up on The Legend of Korra. It was everything I have hated about this season and then some. Korra and crew go to Republic City and do a whole crapload of talking, then start arguing with each other. We have something sneaky going on and the only person whose not paying attention to it is the Avatar.

Then her and Mako break up.

Cry me a river!

It was nothing but politics and relationship stuff this episode with a laugh or to from Bolin. Even Tenzin’s stuff with his son training all the lemurs reeked of the writers just running out of ideas. It was filler.

And it hasn’t been smart at all. I don’t understand Korra’s reasoning at all or what the show is trying to do. I know she wants to defend her home, but why is it that the main protaganist is the most clueless person in this show. I know the President is supposed to look like a beurecrat, but it actually looks like he’s right about this.

And again, why is Korra walking around getting armies from across the world? We have, literally, seen the Avatar destroy an armada. Literally, it happened. Granted, he had the assistance of the ocean spirit or whatever but it never really seemed that far out of his grasp, remember he also made the freaking ocean rise to put out the Fire Lord’s destruction in the final episode.

The only thing that kept me in was the giant spirit monster at the end. It was well done and that short snippet of action (all told it was probably 45 seconds long) reminded me of what I like about this show.

I did read something on UnrealityMag a week or so back about how the creators weren’t really looking to go this far. The Legend of Korra was supposed to be a quick miniseries that Nickelodeon later expanded into a four season run. This season wasn’t planned at all, the creators wanted to go back and do movies about Aang and his group.

That sounds about right based on what I’m seeing. I’m going to stick around for the end of the season but that is purely out of the goodwill they garnered with the original series. If this were a standalone, I’d have given up a long time ago.

Right now it just feels like a bad anime, too high on its story and drama to give you anything. Have you noticed how little actually gets done in each episode?  I’m just waiting for the five minute battle where everyone just talks and takes a dozen episodes to complete.


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