Agents of Shield: 084

The thing people have to realize with Joss Whedon, is that his shows have to find their groove. The first season of Buffy is pre-Twilight Twlight except for a few excellent episodes. The first season of Angel starts out as a pure noir detective kind of thing before finally figuring out it needed to be all about magic. Firefly…Firefly has always been awesome and I will stand by that until Judgement Day, they just started with the wrong episode (Damn Fox to the Pit!!!). I don’t know about Dollhouse, I never watched it.

Agents of Shield was just fine this week. Last week’s episode was better, it had a more personal emotional moment and the action was better, but this was just fine. Not great, but not bad. I enjoyed the Hydra reference, but not really sure why they had to jettison the whole thing into space. Like, maybe they’d wait until they had a few to do that? It gets costly shooting things up into the stratosphere.

What I see happening (it’s why I started with the groove talk) is that the show you are seeing now will not be the show that ends. These characters you’re seeing now, they won’t be the characters at the season finale or the series finale.

Want evidence?


Look at any of his characters. Willow starts out as the nerdy hacker girl, ends up a lesbian witch powerful enough to destroy the planet. Spike starts out as the villain of the week, ends up banging Buffy and partnering up with both characters as a pretty essential ally. Cordelia starts out as the bullying head cheerleader, jumps shows and ends up…actually, not really sure what she ended up being. God maybe? It was confusing, but she became a whole different, responsible, useful person. Wes goes from being a caricature of British stuffiness to an actual, real live demon hunting sorcerer.

Whedon is excellent at character development and team dynamics. What you’re seeing now is the rooting of each of these characters into their little slots…so that he can come along and change everything you think you know about them.

So, a weaker episode, but this is just the beginning. Looking forward to watching this unfold.


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