Four Rules to Make Star Wars Great Again

Update: Ooooohhhhh….Then the guys at UnrealityMagazine came out with an article, the four better rules for the new Star Wars. It pretty much tears this video a new one. Both make some good points though.

Sometimes, my analytic skills fail me. Sometimes, I just have a gut feeling and I can’t tell you why I do or do not like something. The new Star Wars movies are kind of like that, but this movies sums up some pretty good things about what the new movies did wrong.

I particularly like the points about Star Wars being on the frontier, and being old. They’re right, it’s a dirty universe filled with antiquated equipment and threadbare characters. Even the lightsabers looked like they’d seen better days, rusty blades carried by the knights of old now tarnished with age.

Honestly, I think the best bet for the new ones is to just go wild. Take a bunch of fans and let them go nuts, taking the universe in directions it’s never gone. I don’t need familiar, I just need Star Wars.


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My name is Nathan Sisk, and I am a writer and aspiring author.
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