Avatar: Legend of Korra Civil Wars Part 2

Last week, I was more upbeat.

Not this week.

If you go back, I’ve pretty much already talked about this, so I won’t repeat it…much.

I think the main problem is the length of the season and everything they’re trying to pack in. There is no breathing room, and what time they have is allocated to a lot of talking and politics. I understand that the world has developed more, but it is still the world of Avatar. Why…in the hell…is Korra going off to convince the President of the U.N. to support the Southern Tribe? Send Asami or that guy with the boat to do that. Korra is the Avatar, she is essentially a god!

Smite some people!

I’m not comparing with this, just citing history, but Aang defeated the entire Fire Nation navy when he went into Avatar state. Kioshi seperated a whole chunk of the Earth Kingdom and fought off an invading army. Roku knocked down the door to the Fire Lord’s palace and got in his face before giving him a very clear ultimatum.

This is how I expect Avatar to go. Diplomacy is great, but I’m not watching the West Wing, I’m watching a cartoon with elemental wizards. Honestly, and I hate (REALLY HATE!) to bring up this comparison, but it feels like Attack of the Clones. I don’t want to spend all this time in the Imperial Senate, I want lightsaber fights and space battles.

I still really love the characters and a lot of the stuff going on. I still loved Tenzin’s story arch, and Bumi talking to Aang’s statue was incredibly emotional, up there with Iroh’s picnic. I even continued to enjoy Bolin’s relationship with Creepy Chick, that’s where all the laughs are coming from this season.

The art has been great, the voice acting even better. I just need some action and something better for everyone to be doing. I don’t want to see her manipulated by anyone (not time after time, eventually you have to learn that particular lesson), I don’t want to see her discovering herself. She did that last season, I want her to see what it’s like to be a full blown Avatar.

If I sound like a broken record, I apologize. It’s just been a frustrating season so far. I hope this goes in a different direction.


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