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The Trailer To End All Trailers

I’ve already harped on my love for movie trailers. Well, this fake trailer is like crack to me. Advertisements

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Outliving Their Welcome

For those that come here for storytelling advice, this isn’t a gaming post, I promise. If you haven’t played Arkham Origins or haven’t made it to the Gotham Bank yet… SPOILERS! Okay, anyway, after you beat the bank you find out … Continue reading

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Rachelle Gardner posted an article about how she, and others in the publishing industry, are not gatekeepers. Ms. Gardner is one of those people I keep in my blogroll because she has stakes in both traditional and self publishing and … Continue reading

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Sons of Anarchy, Seasons 2-4

Even though I haven’t written about it, I have been continuing with Sons of Anarchy and wanted to share my thoughts. This was a show that snuck up on me, one I didn’t see coming. I don’t tend to love … Continue reading

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X-Men: Days of Future Past Trailer

I did not know this was out yet. Part of my problem with the X-Men movies has been the focus on Wolverine. I love him as much as anyone else, but he was the centerpiece of every single one of … Continue reading

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I Finally Saw Pacific Rim

A few things to take away. This is a two hour fight scene. Rinko Kikuchi is cute. Charlie Hunnam is a bad, bad, bad actor. Idris Elba should be the next Bond. Lastly… This. Is. Fun. It’s not the best movie and … Continue reading

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First Impressions of Batman: Arkham Origins

At the last minute I decided to buy Arkham Origins Friday, mainly because a couple friends were doing the same. This makes the first Arkham game I’ve bought as it came out, and the first brand new, triple A title … Continue reading

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