Sharing the Wealth: 09/27/2013

Via the Passive Guy, Goodreads has cracked down on reviews. Considering Amazon bought them, not surprising. Not really something I use though, so I can’t judge either way whether this is too much/too little.

Edward Roberts on Failure Ahoy! discusses a recent Fiverr report that accuses many indie authors of buying reviews. I hadn’t heard about this, but he sums it up pretty well. He also discusses a phenomenon in sequels and reviews I hadn’t considered.

The Shatzkin Files knocks it out of the park in response to The Guardian’s post by Mr. Franzen. It is ridiculous rebuttals like this are even required.

David Gaughren interviews Micheal Wallace. They discuss everything from publishing to writing to marketing, all great info.

Chuck Wendig writes a letter to publishers, pretty much summing up everything authors are concerned about in their relationship with these businesses. Because that’s really the concern, is how you’re going to be treated once you sign your book away and don’t have a choice.

I’m pulling this from the Passive Voice, but it’s originally from Kristine Katherine Rusch. I did it this way because her article is great, and his comments put the legal spin on it. For those with a publishing house, I’d want to know as much information as possible to look out for. Even if you were to right that off as being self-pub biased, you are never going to know too much. Read it and weigh it against what you know.

Have a good weekend everyone!

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My name is Nathan Sisk, and I am a writer and aspiring author.
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