Goals for the Weekend

Real simple this weekend, I want oodles and oodles of words for the second novel. Shooting for ten thousand. I really, really want to get a lot of work done on this so I can begin polishing and present to beta readers.

Since I don’t have a lot planned (and the above paragraph would make a pitiful post), I’ll get into a short side note.

I write in layers, like painting a room. The first layer just puts paint on the walls. The second layer fills in the gaps. I’m in the midst of a second coat right now, and what I’m doing is filling all the places the coat didn’t take on the first go around. I had a lot of places where I just wrote a few sentences describing what I was going for…and then moved on because I didn’t know how to execute on that.

Now, because I like for the paint job to really pop, I’ll go over this (all the way, from beginning to end) at least one more time, probably several more. Each time I go through the story, it gets bigger and I stretch against the boundaries more. I see things differently, see opportunities I didn’t before, and every single time it gets bigger, more elaborate, more over the top.

In Sorcerer Rising, so much of the story came about during these second, third, fourth coats. Dorne and Tiffany weren’t in the second coat, neither was the Walter Cloud, Discord, or a good bit of the ending. For those that have read it, the scenes where Virgil and Arne are attacked by the certain person with the highly advanced armament, that was literally added two days before I published.

It’s kind of why I don’t get how people can just go from beginning to end and say that rewrites are detrimental. It took a lot of work to stitch everything together and make the flow work once I added all those additional coats, but I loved the result.

That’s not writing advice, just how it works for me. I’m really looking forward to having a concrete story to add to, that’s really my favorite part once that framework is built.


About enathansisk

My name is Nathan Sisk, and I am a writer and aspiring author.
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