Legend of Korra: Civil Wars 1

This round of Avatar was better for me. I find myself wanting what the previous series gave me, while still wanting something new. That’s not entirely fair, and I’m trying to incorporate that into my mindset. The new series is good, definitely a worth successor to the original, but they’re going for something different and I need to be looking for that as well.

So, the episode. On the one hand, still seeing Korra being manipulated by Uncle Dark Chief. I think that’s probably winding down to an end though, and I actually enjoyed the way that played out. The conflict between her and her family, and more importantly, the reunion, felt more organic, more emotional.

Still would like to see some epic bending. Like, I want to see Korra become a storm that drives out the Northern Tribe.

What I absolutely loved though, was anything that had to do with Tenzin’s family. I have already postulated on him and his sibling’s relationship, but I didn’t see Bumi’s insecurity about not being a bender coming. That was a nice dynamic. I’m really interested to see where that’s going. Even better, was seeing a major failing of Aang’s. I’m surprised that Aang would’ve been a bad father (or not a perfect one, I guess), but it’s a nice little wrinkle to add to the show.

Lastly, this was a funny episode. Anything with Bolin was hilarious for me, and he delivered three our four lines that made me burst out laughing.

I hope this seasons is leading up to some really amazing stuff. It’s actually interesting, this series has a clearer story arch. It’s all about whatever that season is about. The previous season was all about Amon (and pro bending, for some reason). I still think the show could benefit from a little breathing room, but we can’t always get what we want.

I think it’s leading somewhere though, and it’ll be a good ride to get there.


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