Breaking Bad: Granite Slate

Last night’s Breaking Bad wasn’t as good as last week’s, but then, think about what you are comparing. It was still decent, but I think it was the dip in the rollercoaster that leads to that last hill, that last fall, that last adrenaline fueled rush.

While it wasn’t the best, it was incredibly emotional. For the first time this season, I actually felt for Walt again. It reminded me of back when this all began, when his motives were in the right place (generally). Then you have Jesse and his girlfriend, Tod and his uncle. God I felt for Jesse, and even more so, I think I want to see that Matt Damon looking asshole put in the ground more than any other character I’ve seen in this show.

And that’s really saying something.

I have no idea how Grey Matter Industries comes into play, but it certainly got me thinking, I’ll give you that. That company, that chapter of his life, was the reason for this whole thing, for Walt being the way he is. It was a legacy that he missed out on, and there they were on TV saying the only thing he was responsible for was the name, and not even all of it.

While they will play into it, I don’t think they’re the end game. My money is on Walt having one last gambit, one last explosion. He has always been his best, or worst, when you have those moments that stir something up in him. I think it will be more complex, drawing in everyone who’s left alive on the show (and isn’t in hiding).

They ended the episode with a clip from the first season, Walt with his goofy hair and mustache, his ridiculous sweater, standing in front of his class, teaching them about chemistry.

He says, “Chemistry is the study of transformation.”

I am willing to say, we have never seen a transformation like that of Walter White, and we may never see another like it again.

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