Breaking Bad: Ozymandias




What we saw last night, we will never see again. I’m not saying that we will never see that quality of television, though I think we might be hard pressed, just that in the past few weeks, and last night in particular, Breaking Bad has created something that we will never, ever be able to experience again.

Last night, from the opening scene to the very last shot of Walt driving away, was possibly the most tense hour of television I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing. For the first time in my life, I truly understood what it means to be on the edge of your seat, because I was firmly planted there the whole time.

So let’s break it down. The opening scene was in true Breaking Bad style, and really hammered down what Walt has lost in the past year and a half. They were happy. Then we open up to Gomey lying dead on the ground. For him just being a character to bust Hank’s balls, that sure did hit hard. Hank’s entire moment was amazing. He stood (figuratively) strong, and when he told Walt that Jack had made up his mind ten minutes ago, then told Jack to go fuck himself, I got goosebumps.

In other shows, that might have been the best part. But then everything from Walt and Jesse, the Whites finally throwing down with everyone involved, anything to do with Holly, all built an incredible tension. Twice, I thought Jesse was a dead man. Twice, I thought Holly was about to make this the hardest moment to watch in television.

I have to take a deep breath, because I know next week will probably be even more intense.

Where do we go from here? Walt’s in the wind now. My guess is we’ll have some type of time lapse in the next episode, but other than that, I have no idea. I can’t figure in his family and what’s going to happen to the house. For them all to survive without anything bad happening, that would really surprise me, but I can’t think of a reason Jack would want to hurt them or anything else they would want from Walt.

We will see next week. Can’t wait.


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