Avatar: The Legend of Korra Returning!

This totally snuck up on me. I knew they were going to do a season two, but no idea when.

Turns out, it’s this week!

I cannot wait to see where this continues. The Avatar cartoon is a perfect blend or character development, animation, storytelling, and action. It is very well thought out and a very believable world. They’re are good and bad people from every walk of life and nation, with no one serving as the absolute evil. Azula was probably the worst person in the show and ever with her, they showed why she was the way she was.

The original series is still my favorite. It  has some of the best fight scenes I have ever seen, memorable characters, and really built on that world. I said no one was the absolute evil, half the villains aren’t fire nation and some of the most memorable allies were. Everything just fires on all cylinders.

I was a bit disappointed in Korra’s series, mainly because I felt it was too short and felt rushed. They spent a good third of the series with Pro Bending or the love triangle, maybe more, and less on building up the incredible reveal with the villain. Still, Korra is a worthy successor to Aang and a great character and I am especially interested in seeing more about how the world has developed as it entered this industrial age.


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