There are a lot of people who harp on remakes for their very nature of being remakes. I’ve never taken that stance, knowing full well that they can sometimes be a benefit.

RoboCop doesn’t look bad, it just doesn’t look all that great. Better than I expected, but really, really bland. That’s the problem with a lot of the remakes coming out. I watched Total Recall the other day and it had the same problem. Everything was fine, it just wasn’t exceptional.

And let’s face it, RoboCop wasn’t that good to begin with. Sure, it’s classic in its own way, but there are just some properties that are a product of their time and, well, you don’t get much more eighties than that. I didn’t realize this until I looked it up, but they actually tried to give RoboCop an X rating for its violence.

I mean, damn.

What’s going to be the gist of this remake other than him shooting people? It’s not going to have the violence, we’ve seen the father not knowing his kid storyline from dozens of films, and yes, we all know corporations are the devil. It looks like the main problem its going to have is one most suffer, its going to try to stick to the original’s formula without realizing most of those elements were unique at that time, but aren’t now. Then they’ll fail to bring anything new.

Honestly, the only thing that looks that great is Sam Jackson as the host of a crime show. And the robot voice, gotta love the robot voice.


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