Weekend TV Watching

While writing and watching my son, got to watch a lot of TV. HBO was having a free weekend, and Netflix sent me a bunch of stuff to knock off. I suppose this could be the reason I didn’t get much writing done, only it was just about the only time I wrote.

Wrath of the Titans actually wasn’t half bad. It wasn’t a masterpiece, but it was well and above the glob of boring that was the first one. Part of the reason, I think, is it moved away from the legend of the mythology, taking it in a new direction. A lot of people would look at it and say, “that wasn’t in Greek mythology”. But that’s what more and more people are doing every day with fantasy. It’s part of the reason I do the Lore posts. We take the elements we want, leave behind the ones we don’t, and make a new story.

I really enjoyed the imagery they had of Chronos, though I would have like it if he’d done more than just lumber out of the mountain and say “Zeuuuuusssssss……..”. I really enjoyed his soldiers. I think they were supposed to be Hundred Handers (the Hekatonkheires) but that wouldn’t make a whole lot of sense.

The Thing was just what I would expect from a remake. It was alright. The acting was pretty much what you get from a horror movie, but the monster design was pretty decent. If it wasn’t a remake, I would have enjoyed it quite a bit. As it was, the original The Thing is a masterpiece of What In The Everloving Fuck Did I Just See.

Here are a couple of things I didn’t know, which puts it all in a different frame of reference. First, the original The Thing was a remake to begin with, coming from The Thing From Another World. Had no idea. I also didn’t realize this new The Thing is supposed to be a prequel, based around the original Norweigan team that started the whole situation, which is kinda cool.

Now You See Me was kind of a disappointment. I really wanted to love that movie. I love magic, real slight of hand tricks and stuff. What people can accomplish strictly through technique and showmanship. I felt like the movie lacked that, taking it into a more science fiction direction. That was fine for something like The Prestige, which really moved beyond the tricks, but I didn’t care for it in this case. It didn’t help that the overall plot was a bit hokey.

My wife and I are coming back to True Blood. She got through the first season or two back before our son was born, but couldn’t handle the blood once she got pregnant. I’ve never seen anything.

The first two episodes were good. I love that Sooky laughs in the vamp’s face just about any time he tries to be all vampire-like. “Your name is BILL?!?!?!?!”

Anyway, I enjoyed it and will continue on with the series.

The finale though, of course, was Breaking Bad.




I am not proud of this, but when they were in the desert and Hank was handcuffing Walt, reading him his rights, etc, I had to fast forward. I just kept expecting Hank’s skull to explode in the middle of talking or Gomey to explode or some other wild Breaking Bad moment. I watched it, but only after I confirmed where the action was going to happen.

And boy did it.

I don’t really know how anyone but Walt and his Meth buddies are going to come out of this alive, but that’s been the pattern we’ve seen with this half season. They take you to an incredibly tense, nail biting, climactic end of the episode, then twist it all around in the next one. Personally, I see this being the end of Hank and Gomey, possibly Jesse as well. That will be what sends this into a true spiral. Skylar (who, really, why does everyone hate her? She is a good person, excluding the extramarital affair. If you weren’t watching Walt from the beginning, she’d be the protagonist, just saying) won’t be able to reconcile Hank’s death. Walt will have to deal with her, because he won’t bow out.

Not now.



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