Sharing the Wealth 09/06/2013

Rachelle Gardner discusses doing it your way. Very true. There is no way to write, you pick up what works for you and drop what doesn’t. Simple as that.

From the Wall Street Journal Via Passive Guy, possible market changes with ebook subscription models. I’d have to test this out, both as an author and a reader, before I could know how this would go.

Amanda Hocking discusses how to give yourself writer’s block. I have already discussed how I don’t believe writer’s block is substantially real per se, but more a psych out of yourself. Every single time I’ve had “writer’s block” it’s been because I was freaking out or ignoring something.

Martin Crosbie on Indies Unlimited discusses the importance of formal editing for indie works. I have gone the opposite way on this, but it’s a big freaking gamble. Important to remember. I would like to point out that there are many, MANY people who point out that traditionally published and edited works have their own errors and people buy, and even enjoy, them anyway.

On the Passive Voice (who was on fire this week), PG has an article by Melville House explaining why Amazon Matchbook will “burn down the orchard to reach a few new apples”. I guess this is the same way the car just ruined the buggy industry. He has a great rebuttal. Here’s the thing, book prices are getting lower. That’s good for readers and it’s seemed to be pretty good for authors (unless they get a pittance royalty). It’s hard to tell a person they should pay $15 to $30 bucks for a book. Look at music, look at games…oh, wait. But then, they’re running into their own price crisis right now too, or will be soon.

Dick Waters on Indies Unlimited discusses how he wrote a novel in a month. Which isn’t really true, he took on of his novels and made an adult version and a pg-13 version. I’m not dismissing that, it’s the whole reason I’m posting this. I’ve never thought of having multiple versions of a book, with some of the racier material omitted.

Calling it for this week. Everyone have a good weekend!


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My name is Nathan Sisk, and I am a writer and aspiring author.
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