Writing Advice and Why I’m Trying Not To Do That Anymore

I haven’t posted a What I Learned in a little while, for a few reasons. I read an article on Writer Unboxed about writing advice and that got me thinking deeper on that. The reason I stopped doing those was really just because I felt it was less entertaining and lacked any educational value. You as a reader are probably less interested in how I write than in what I write. The other topics I cover (games, comics, books, monsters, oddities) are, I hope, more along the lines of entertainment. The pieces I do on self publishing are hopefully educational to those about to enter that venue.

But writing, there’s not a whole lot I can tell you. It’s different for everyone and nothing is sacred. If it works for you, than it works. If it doesn’t work for you, it doesn’t.

I outline. I storyboard the shit out of ideas. I write them down in wordpress (I have a draft right now for the end of the second novel) or in notebooks. I walk around my living room talking to myself, go days without writing anything then churn out several thousand at a time. I have little idiosyncrasies on dialogue tags, description, exposition, world building, character development, prose, all that.

It’s mine. It will change. More importantly, it’s not yours. And yours is not mine.

That’s just kinda how it works.

Pick up what you like, what works for you, and drop anything else. I’m not saying to never try anything new or uncomfortable, just do what produces good content.

Simple as that.




About enathansisk

My name is Nathan Sisk, and I am a writer and aspiring author.
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One Response to Writing Advice and Why I’m Trying Not To Do That Anymore

  1. Tom Elias says:

    I agree completely. I outline as well, in detail.

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