Amazon’s Kindle Matchbook

Via Digital Book World, Amazon has a new program that will offer ebooks for 2.99 (or less) with the purchase of the print book counterpart.

This is a big damn deal.

I have wanted this since ebooks first came out. There are only a few books I buy a physical copy anymore, mainly because I want to be able to read anywhere, but I have always wanted a physical copy as well. One of the greatest pleasures of me getting into fantasy was my mom going through the drawers of books she had from her years of reading and finding a new book to try.

And as for the competition (which passive guy has already commented on), screw em’. I’m all for independent bookstores, all for brick and mortar places to browse books, but you ran your business badly. Barnes and Noble at the very least should have made this move years ago. Maybe the Nook would have been successful.

But what is most telling in all this, is the publishers seem to be getting on board. HarperCollins is a part of it, and I believe it will lead to others. Several big name authors are also participating. This will do nothing more than increase print sales for authors.

It also looks like KDP and Createspace will be a part of it. Which means I will be putting together that Createspace edition really damn quick.


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My name is Nathan Sisk, and I am a writer and aspiring author.
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