Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman, the third member of the Justice League trinity, one of the original superheroes along with Batman and Superman that can be tracked all the way back to the golden age of comics. She’s had thousands of comics, crossovers, events, etc. She’s even had her own TV Show.

But not really a movie.

Hollywood has been continually against bringing Wonder Woman to the screen, even with the renaissance of superhero movies. Recent reports have even indicated they intend to make the first Justice League movie without the Amazonian Princess. They want to use the Flash instead.

The Flash.

Anyway, I wanted to take a look at this real quick. Because, overall, Wonder Woman is a prime candidate for her own movie. She’s powerful, has a great range of superpowers, and a great host of villains to take on. Some people have said the Greek Pantheon won’t keep anyone’s interest or will seem to weird. I’m gonna have to call shenanigans on that, because Thor has some of the most obscure Norse references and people just eat that up.

And again, has anyone looked at the Flash’s rogue gallery? They would be C-list villains for anyone else.

For Wonder Woman, you would have a decent set of villains, at the very least rivaling Superman’s. She regularly takes on the king of hell. He’s her primary villain. Yes, the ruler of the Greecian Hell is her Riddler.

She’s powerful. She’d make for a climactic movie. It would certainly round out the male superheroes that go around. She’s a freaking icon.

So again, what’s the problem?

It’s shamefully simple actually.

She has boobs.

I know, that sounds ridiculous, but that’s what it is. She’s a woman, and they don’t know how to handle that. It took Joss Whedon (who has some experience making strong female characters, in case you didn’t know) to make Black Widow into what she was for the Avengers. A few of the X-Men get to play a role but, at least for me, most of the characters in the X-Men movie lost something essential (unless they were Wolvering) in the transition.

Other than that, all you have are love interests.

They look at women in superhero movies and they get sorted into…actually, just one category. The only reason a woman exists in a superhero movie is to be a love interest. Maybe, occassinally, they get to be a plot device. They don’t understand a world where you have an incredibly attractive woman who could, at the same time, kick Superman’s ass. They just don’t get it.

This isn’t entirely unexpected. The comics have struggled between landing on the side of femininity and outright Amazonian warrioress with Wonder Woman. Sometimes she’s a runway model with super strength, other times she doesn’t even have superpowers and is a secret agent. She’s been a damsel in distress and a Force To Be Reckoned With and there have been people who have criticized the comics for falling too far on either end.

And as with many old superheroes, there is her costume. There have always been heroes that were harder to bring to the silver screen than others, and Wonder Woman is going to be one of those. Her costume, well, don’t get me wrong, that would look GREAT in a movie, but probably not the way everyone wants. Just the way every guy wants. But at the same time, if they change it, they risk alienating the fan base.

But this isn’t impossible, far from it. There have been female protagonists before, successfully done. And they can rework the costume for a movie. They had to do it with just about everyone else in DC and Marvel, why not Wonder Woman? And really, that’s the only obstacle for transition. There’s not a slog of continuity to wade through, no rights issues, nothing that would have to be modernized.

We shouldn’t just step back from Wonder Woman because it’s tough. This just highlights one the major problem with Hollywood, their risk averse nature. They shudder at the thought of having to think outside the box to make it work, knowing that they could fail and get bad press over it.

The thing with Wonder Woman (or any character with a huge following), you won’t satisfy everyone. Throughout her history there were always those dissatisfied in one way or another with her. There will always be those who see the very concept of Wonder Woman as sexist, or over the top, or not over the top enough, or…whatever. There are always those people.

My favorite version is the Justice League cartoon. She wastes no time in getting shit done and completely wiping out anything that opposes her. She’s intelligent and strong and feminine all at the same time. Rarely vulnerable, never weak, and half the time harsher than Batman.

But I think the comic below sums up everything you need to know, and why more than anything else, there needs to be a movie for Wonder Woman movie.


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