Been Reading

I’ve taken a hand at a few different titles over the past few weeks.

I tried reading Lindsay Buroker’s The Emporer’s edge, mainly because she’s a big success in Indie Publishing and her first book sounded good (and is free). I got about a third into it, but wasn’t really feeling the high fantasy. I’m going to go back to it and check it out. I was enjoying it, especially the main character. So many authors tend to throw out suspicious elements that the characters all somehow miss, her main character sees right through them.

Second, I tried reading Ghost by Wayne Thomas Batson, another Indie author. I loved the premised and was enjoying the first twenty percent or so. Then it started moving in a direction I couldn’t really wrap my mind around or enjoy. I got about halfway through before giving up. I could be wrong, but either way it just didn’t keep my interest.

Third, I am currently reading On Stranger Tides by Tim Powers. I’m getting into it too. This is the book Disney bought to provide the screenplay for Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. I was one of the few that actually kinda like that movie, at least the concept and worldbuilding they did behind it. Jack Sparrow was just kind of there, which in reading the book makes a lot of sense. The book is pretty much all the magic and voodoo spiritualism awesomeness you see Blackbeard doing without all the POTC stuff. Really enjoying it.


About enathansisk

My name is Nathan Sisk, and I am a writer and aspiring author.
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